Integrated Peace Arts
A Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Company


About Us

Integrated Peace Arts, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to using the principles common to all major religions, profound philosophies, and psychology to enhance the daily lives of the general public.

Through learning how to apply these principles, people can become more effective and happier. They will also improve the lives of everyone around them.

2015 Annual Report

Our Story

by MS, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Our efforts grew out of the outreach programs of Aikido Westchester NY, an Aikido school located in White Plains, NY. Aikido is taught worldwide as a practice designed to produce a greater sense of peace. It is known as "the martial art of peace."

As a martial art, it engages actively with life-threatening circumstances and shows how to transform conflict into peaceful resolution with minimum harm to all involved. The principles of Aikido are also consistent with those of the major religions, philosophies, and psychology. Here they are applied in conflictual circumstances leading to peaceful resolution.

In order to be most effective, the practice of Aikido should be taken off the mats and used in daily life. The principles can be applied to any discipline and will yield the same results. Many dojo members to apply these principles in their work and family lives.

Outreach is a natural extension of this practice. Integrated Peace Arts came together as a means to formalize the outreach efforts of the practice of Aikido. We looked around our communities and identified needs, and then brought our skills and talents to those areas. We have branched out with a number of different programs and continue to look for opportunities to expand.

The efforts of Integrated Peace Arts do not need to be centered on Aikido itself, but instead take these common principles as a means to improve the world through the activities of daily life.

Our board members include two Aikido instructors, a meditation instructor, a professional chef, a police officer and an attorney.


  • Steve Kanney - President, Chairman of Board
  • Kim Gold - Secretary
  • Jennifer Lewis: Meditation/Yoga Teacher, IT Professional
  • Jason Costanzo: Attorney
  • Rick Rivera: Police Officer/Military
  • Joseph DeJesus: Finance