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Employee Health & Wellness Programs

Don’t just spend money on corporate wellness programs

Solve Problems
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Create Opportunities
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Contact us for onsite classes / programs, employee discounts / referral networks, meal delivery, employee health fairs / presentations, & more: (914) 648-0492

Human Resources

Solve Problems:

Is your workforce underutilized?

  • Health is a key issue: 70% of the population has a serious weight problem and almost 30% are obese. Serious weight issues are known to dramatically increase absenteeism, impacting productivity.
  • Stress distracts employees from the tasks at hand, reducing motivation, morale, creativity and productivity.

Create Opportunities:

Are your employees your most valuable asset?

  • A motivated group of employees who know the company’s mission and are on board with executing on its priorities can impress customers more than any other factor.
  • These impressed customers create word of mouth advertising, widely known as the most cost effective source of new customers / clients. It is the most credible advertising and has a cost of $0.

How We Can Help

Our programs target improved productivity, increased creativity, and a more satisfied workforce, leading to an improved opportunity to attract talent.

  • Better health through exercise AND diet, improves focus and productivity.
  • By stepping outside the work flow to practice a profound physical discipline, employees gain a fresh perspective. By drawing from principles of a new discipline, they new neural pathways and fresh approaches to their work.
  • A workforce that is less stressed approaches work with a new balance.
  • A workforce that is more satisfied with their employer enhances reputation and leads to a competitive edge in hiring.

Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrition

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Your employees can improve health, confidence and feel better on the job. Our sustainable weight loss program, as opposed to yo-yo dieting, fights obesity. Also, our meal delivery option improves metabolism for better focus. It is convenient for lunch deliveries as well as a complete diet package.

Mindful Life Weight Loss

Weight Watchers has recommended their customers use mindfulness to reduce self destructive habits regarding weight gain. Mindful Life Weight Loss IS a mindfulness based program to reduce weight in a holistic, sustainable manner.

Meal Delivery

Your employees can save time and find tasty AND healthy food choices that are hard to come by in Westchester County. Only the best ingredients are used – organic, wild caught fish, free range poultry and grass fed beef are used. Vegan, balanced and Paleo diet choices are available.


weight loss exercise

Our mindfulness based fitness programs integrate perfectly with the weight loss and meal delivery programs. Fitness is widely known for improving health and reducing stress. Meditation is known for the same. Imagine the benefits of exercise based upon meditation.(All programs are tailored to employee’s condition)

Yoga Classes on Premises

Our registered Yoga teachers are available for a quick lunchtime class on premises, after work or private lessons.

Tai Chi / QiGong

Tai Chi and QiGong martial arts known to improve health and focus. Instructors offer on site classes or private lessons.


Aikido is an active form of nonviolent self defense. It provides cardio-vascular benefits as well as overall conditioning. Classes are offered at our White Plains location.

Stress Reduction

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Tailored / targeted short term programs can be developed to apply mindfulness to specific concerns that your employees might have. For example, meditation can clear the mind and calm the body. The health benefits are well documented and can positively impact employee performance. Tailored programs are available upon request.


Our center offers classes in Zen and Yoga/meditation. Check with us for the availability of instructors for your location.

Custom Tailored Programs

Examples include:

  • Stress reduction for financial professionals
  • Conflict resolution for negotiating or compliance departments
  • Self care for medical professionals