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"Original" QiGong (Chi Gung) Westchester NY

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QiGong Westchester

This formless style of QiGong (Energy Cultivation), is a manifestation of an ancient, Asian martial art. By using our simple, non-violent methods for independent practice, students can easily optimize their life experience on a daily basis. As we practice, our inner forces and consciousness will begin to harmonize by connecting with Qi (Chi), ......universal life-force energy, and noticeable change in us, should begin to occur.

This energy emanates from the Tao, the "Greater Consciousness", and reaches us through Nature.

QiGong instills in us the ability to engage directly with the flow of this dynamic force, which we can come to feel, see, sense and use for many purposes. QiGong can provide us with healing, strong immunity, greater creativity, balance, and heightened I.Q. "Special" abilities may also emerge in us. Evolution is enhanced through proper practice, and access to Universal Wisdom becomes ever more possible. We can also open-up hidden, innate talents, and put harmony, peacefulness and clarity within our reach. From our efforts, strong inner Chi can improve our personal relationships, move us intuitively toward better life choices, and even act as a shield or "buffer", when we are faced with potential danger.

As your instructor, my direct connection with The Tao replaces the need for traditional forms or practice, and instead, allows me to guide students toward their own unique and authentic means for Chi development. Static traditional forms have great value, but do not always conform to individual needs. By accessing wisdom and influences straight from the Tao, we practice only what is most necessary and efficient, at any given time.

Once students have their internal energies streaming and maturing well, they may be invited to attend "Free-Flowing Chi" group practices. This will enable them to experience a more intense, shared immersion in the QiGong experience. Students may also always opt to receive individually-focused healing applications from us, which are included in and integral to all groups and classes.

QiGong is a direct demonstration of how simplicity and intent can serve as the foundations for greater freedom and powerful expansion, at many levels of existence.

Qi (CHI) Master Koki:

Throughout my life-time, I have applied my focus and training primarily on the Arts. The range of these has included dance, visual art, martial arts, theatre, Yoga, spiritual disciplines, meditation, divination, and later, healing methods. During the mid-1990's I received an "Activation" by the Chi expert Tienko Ting, from Taiwan. This type of initiation produces a sort of 'Spontaneous Movement Qigong' in his students, which for me, became my daily and most singularly transformational practice.

I was also able to study formal QiGong instruction extensively with Chi Master Li, in Albany NY.

From just after my own initiation, along with many following years of practice, I have reached an appreciable level of expertise with Chi energy and other complementary methods. Thus I have become proficient in teaching, healing and have the ability to pass the best of my experience on to others. I am very pleased to share.

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