Integrated Peace Arts
A Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Company



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Our programs are designed to apply principles common to all major religions, profound philosophies, and psychology to the activities of daily life. We choose ordinary activities that people encounter day-to-day. Our intent is to benefit all beings, not only the person engaged in the activity. The result is the individual practitioner is both more effective in their own efforts, and happier with their lives.

Tai Chi & QiGong Classes

Tai Chi and QiGong (Chi Gung) are the martial arts most often associated with health.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is an ancient discipline designed to health the body and prepare for meditation. Classes are designed to focus on the underlying principles of Yogic practice.

Mindful Life Weight Loss Classes

Obesity rates and related health consequences have been profoundly destructive to our community and the world at large. People right here in Westchester County become ill and die from obesity-related causes. By bringing the light of mindfulness to this issue, we can work towards transforming people's lives for the better. As people look to apply the principle of compassionate awareness to their own lives, they can take the necessary steps toward health. Integral to this process is taking action that is both compassionate to oneself, and also others. The Mindful Life Weight Loss Program is offered in individual and group counseling sessions.

Aikido Classes

Aikido, otherwise known as "the martial art of peace," teaches the principles of self defense in a manner that minimizes harm to the attacker. The practice increases confidence, patience, concentration, discipline and can be used to improve health. Classes are offered to children with special needs, at-risk children, and children in group homes. Aikido seminars are also offered periodically to the public free of charge.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning includes more than simply selecting investments to maximize wealth. Typically one's human capital--their employability--can have broad consequences for the happiness of the individual as well as the world. The funds received through employment can be used for consumption, which shapes our world when you consider some obvious issues such as global warming. Finally, our choice of investments can also impact society through socially responsible companies. The technology used to make decisions first should be checked for accuracy and effectiveness. The intention behind each decision can be crucial to improve our lives and those around us. A free ebook can be downloaded for educational purposes.

Reducing Animal Suffering

Our modern consumer-driven lifestyle has dire consequences for the planet as a whole. Our daily decisions do not simply affect other people, but other species as well. We seek to find ways of living as peacefully as possible with all living creatures. Past programs have included learning how to coexist with suburban wildlife. Current efforts involve helping homeless pets.